Seven Sparks

an anthology of seven short stories by
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selected and translated by VZJ Pinkava


Genezaretto Dog Lyrical and poetic account of an unusual visitor from a most unusual perspective
Sectarians A priest who has lost his way gets some unexpected advice
Instant Eternity A truly life-altering view from beyond the grave
Gimlets Soldier meets Evil Eye on train, and wins.
Holidaymakers An aquatic clandestine gathering in a place of worship
Apparitions In a rural English church, a Vicar with a secret
Going Out A perverse tale of a simple man pursuing simple pleasures, in a zoo.
Other translations:


The Purple Anachorete


a Bermudian travelogue

'Mrchopevci', the first, award-winning book. Sample extract - Chapter VI

a tour de force in the original and no mean task for the translator




 "Genezaretto Dog", "Sectarians", "Instant Eternity", "Gimlets", "Holidaymakers" and "Apparitions" are selected translations from the collection Království české a jiné polokatolické povídky, (The Kingdom of Bohemia, and other Semi-catholic Tales.) first published by VOTOBIA 1996.

"Holidaymakers" has been published as "Weekenders" in New Presence magazine, January 1998

"Going Out" is taken from the short story collection Slepá Bohyně (The Blind Godess), first published by Ivo Železný / Art-Servis in 1990