Mixing with the right people - better late than never ?

Since November 1902 some 295 000 people have had something in common at Golders Green Crematorium, London

Dame Peggy Ashcroft Actress
Sir James Baillie Philosopher
Stanley Baldwin Prime Minister
Sir Arthur Bliss Composer and Conductor
Dr Eric Blom Musician and Composer
Marc Bolan Pop singer
William Boosey Music Publisher ("Boosey & Hawkes)
Eric Coates Composer & Conductor ('The Dam Busters')
Harriot Cohen Concert Pianist
Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister 1937-1940
HH Raj Rajendra The Maharajah of Cooch Behar
Sir Anthony De Rothschild Merchant Banker
Sir James Dewar Inventor of the Thermos Flask
Mrs D'Oyly Carte Founder of D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
T S Eliot Writer
Ray Ellington Jazz Musician
Kathleen Ferrier Contralto singer
Bud Flanagan Music Hall artiste ("Flanegan & Allan")
Sir Alexander Fleming Discoverer of Penicillin
Sigmund Freud Psychoanalyst
Sir William Garstin Aswan Dam Engineer
Sir William S Gilbert ("Gilbert and Sullivan")
Sir Harold Gillies pioneer of Plastic Surgery
Sir Victor Gollancz Publisher
Joyce Grenfell Actress and Comedienne
Sir Neville Henderson British Ambassador to Germany 1939
Dame Myra Hess Pianist
Gerard Hoffnung Cartoonist and Wit
Gustave Holst Composer
Holman Hunt OM, RA Painter
Margery Hurst Founder of Brook Street Bureau
Sir Julian Huxley Biologist
Sir Henry Irving Actor
Max Jaffa Violinist
Sid James Comedian
Rudyard Kipling Author and traveller
Vivien Leigh Actress
Sir Edwin Lutyens Architect
Ramsey MacDonald First Labour Prime Minister
Sir James MacKenzie Specialist in Heart Disease
Sir Malcolm McAlpine Construction Engineer
Matt Monro Singer
Keith Moon Drummer with 'The Who'
Ivor Novello Actor, composer and playwright
Anna Pavlova Ballerina
Sir Michael Perrin Atomic Scientist
Sir Isaac Pitman Inventor of Pitman's Shorthand writing
His Majesty Prajadhipik King of Siam
Dame Marie Rambert of "Ballet Rambert"
Sir William Reynolds-Stephens Sculptor
Sir Frederick Henry Royce ("Rolls-Royce")
Lord Rutherford, QM Physicist
Peter Sellers Actor and Comedian
George Bernard Shaw Writer
Martin Smith First Chairman of the Cremation Society
Bram Stoker Author of 'Dracula'
Marie Stopes pioneer advocate of Birth Control
A J P Taylor Historian
Sir John Tenniel Illustrator of Alice in Wonderland
Sir Stanley Unwin Publisher ("Allen & Unwin")
Ralph Vaughan Williams Composer
The Hon Josiah Wedgewood Porcelain maker
H G Wells Visionary author
Joseph Woodward Naturalist, 'expert on Sealions'


not to mention...


Vaclav Pinkava alias
Jan Kresadlo
"Unrecognised genius"
Obituary, The Independent newspaper



Jan Kresadlo

E'en now on his conch-shell through mist is droning
the Centaur-triton with a dolphin's tail
While the past's muffled moo is undertoning
intertwining its path with present's trail.
Melancholy to Music is betrothing
the Autumn landscape reminiscing, pale,
'bout you, whose burnt arthritic bones and clothing
have wafted up the chimney - off to sail.
Long gone's the piglike snorting, howling, neighing,
cowardly species in Cyrillic dressed;
Dogged you last, untouchable in being.
And silently, who to your City harks
will serenaded be, in autumn parks
by foggy Tritons of your last bequest.

(poetry translation VZJP)